2019 was a very busy year...

I spent much of it in my kitchen, creating and testing recipes and photographing the finished dishes for my first cookbook, Dulce Sin Culpa and my new culinary school, Aurea.

Over all those months, I pushed my cookware to the limit. It didn’t take long to figure out which products I could count on and which ones didn’t live up to my expectations. The experience prompted me to work more closely with certain brands that make life in my kitchen easier, and also share them with you.

It’s true that talking about the tools or equipment I use has always made me feel a bit weird… It’s tricky, because readers tend to think that bloggers and folks with followers on Instagram are always trying to sell something (which, granted, is often the case). Companies solicit us to promote their gadgets/ingredients, sending the products right to our doors for free – along with a detailed list of what the marketing team wants us to say! The whole process makes me uncomfortable – why would I boost a product I’d never actually use? So my golden rule is this: I only talk about brands I know well and have used for a long time in my kitchen.

Which brings us to Zwilling, one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of knives, cutlery and cookware.

I discovered Zwilling when I enrolled in pastry school, almost 5 years ago. I remember that knife: for the first time in my life I felt like a professional cook. So I consider it an honor that Zwilling – a brand used by some of the best professional chefs in the world – has chosen to become involved with my plant-based project, the online culinary school, Aurea.
From the first, Zwilling has believed in my vision and has supported me as I worked to make it a reality, providing me with their top-quality kitchen tools and equipment.

Staub, the French manufacturer of premium enamelled cast-iron cookware, belongs to the Zwilling family of brands. Staub bakeware is my all-time favorite – I’ve long dreamed of owning a whole collection of craftsman cookware that I could use for a lifetime, just as my grandmother did. Since my kitchen is the heart of my home and the center of my life, investing in very high-quality tools is essential to me. I’m happy to know that these solid and elegant pieces will be there for me from now on.

I especially love Staub cocottes. Why? Let me count the ways: food cooks evenly, it doesn’t stick to the bottom, flavors are preserved thanks to optimal heat retention… And yes, the pots are easy to clean. What more could a cook ask for? I prepared the most delicious vegan dulce de leche in my Staub cocotte. They’re ideal for baking, too: crumbles, cobblers, focaccia, pies – everything bakes better in enamelled cast iron!

If you’ve been following my work, you know I’m crazy about mini-size desserts (check out the recipe of this Macadamia & Coffee Tarts). Hence my obsession with Staub’s mini cocottes, mini pans, and tiny oven dishes. Although they’re available in many colors, I happen to love the rustic black finish. So elegant and classy, they always make a stunning presentation. Just look at my little vegan tiramisu!

Vegan Tiramisú

Just to be clear:

I’m not here to sell you something. What I want is to share with you my personal experience, hoping it helps you in the future when you invest in your own kitchen cookware. If you take care of these beautiful pieces, you can be sure that they will be handed down to the next generation. How special is that?

I wish you a year full of delicious food that you enjoy cooking and eating and sharing with your friends and loved ones.

Stay tuned in 2020 for more new recipes and ideas!